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assumptions, we have used 11-12 figures for our eda. >> that is correct. >> you have captured it. >> it is captured for a certain extent. if we do increase our ada in 12-13, we will see proportional increase in our revenues. we still very much want to keep trying our hardest both for programmatic, academic, and financial reasons to increase our ada and chronic absenteeism and truancy. >> in a way we have accounted for. -- for it. commissioner mendoza: i enjoyed being president more than i enjoy being the chair of the budget committee. so just -- there is not a lot to be said about this. it is in circles and we try to do the best we can with what little we have. i would be remiss if we did not think the city or be thankful we are in san francisco -- thank the city or be thankful we are in san francisco. our residents and voters continue to support the school district in many ways. i also want to thank the board of supervisors and the mayor for releasing the rainy day funds which are pretty much depleted. the first year we got rainy day funds, we got $24 million in this year we got
inside. it was -- imagine, it was such a tense situation for all of us. our life was at risk, but what women did, we decided that we are going to continue to stay in the jerga because it was for three three days. we took the risk and we didn't know what was going to happen next, the second day, the third day and we had to actually face the challenge of actually fighting with our families. >> i was going say -- >> because my mother was telling me, don't go, you are going to kill yourself. don't go, but i think peace is so important for all of us, but we are contributing in afghanistan. we are already working very hard and, yes, we are risking our lives and we are proud of what we are doing. thank you very much. >> and you've also been able to get women into these major conferences, too. >> right. >> is it hard for them when they go back home from these conferences? are families proud or is there some retribution? do they get criticized when they go back? >> at first from family to family in afghanistan because culturally i always use the word diverse -- we are so much diverse.
. >> if the term is not sufficiently definite for you, wouldn't expert in that field help us figure that out? >> maybe so. but that assumes the foundational question, which is, is that important to your determination? our position is that is not. it is just a little. commissioner hayon: from my point of view, we have at least two declarations, ms. madison's and ms. lopez's declarations, which are fundamentally completely different stories of the same event. for me, i feel that i need some help in trying to figure out why there is such a wide discrepancy in these declarations of these witnesses, in terms of how they describe the events that took place. i think that an expert like miss lemmon could possibly be helpful. perhaps not. perhaps once we hear what she has to say, we will fill this does not apply to the witnesses that we have. but perhaps it will be helpful and will be relevant in helping us to decide which of these stories has more credibility. that, and of course cross- examination of the witnesses themselves. i certainly could see the need to have her testify. chairperson hur: that
the globe take action to boost their sagging economies. should more be done in the u.s.? >> susie: i'm susie gharib. getting new medicines to market faster. speeding up the government's drug approval process. why investors and patients are on board. >> tom: and "made in america" tonight, a craft beer company brewing up a national expansion. >> susie: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! >> susie: the global economy was the hot topic in markets around the world today. central banks in europe, the u.k., and china announced moves to boost growth. the european central bank lowered interest rates to an all-time low. china cut several key interest rates for the second time in a month. and the bank of england held its rates steady, but said it will pump billions of dollars into its economy through a new round of bond buying. here in the u.s., some hopeful signs for the weak job market. private employers added 176,000 new workers to their payrolls in june, stronger than the previous month. and the labor department said the number of people filing for unemployment benefits dropped by 14,000 in the past
year was not going to really hear us when we talk about the lowest performing students. it is a hush hush conversation sometimes in many communities in san francisco. why do we need to do credit recovery? why do we need to be focused on the lowest performing students that because they have been robbed when more than anything you have experience in the last four years -- where more than anything you have experienced in the last four years. we have graduate them without an opportunity to submit an application for college. they were robbed when they took the placement test and could not get to college level there. there were a lot -- they were robbed for a long, long time. some people think they are winning a slice of the pie because it is a good year for us to do this. no. this is not an easy process. we have read through that budget document just as much as you. we have walked through the process of trying to figure out how do we take care of students who we are setting up for failure? tonight, you kept her promise. you kept your promise and we appreciate you but it is just the beginn
reliant solely on the potential for the opportunity fund it to exist -- to assist us. therefore, i am asking for you to make sure that the community opportunity fund does not go below $12 million. that is kind of a magic number, in terms of how much we can possibly be able to make use of it. obviously, this would all come back to you for decision making. we are also asking that the current prohibition against the use of bond fund this for planning and design is removed, because that is holding us up, in terms of what it is we want to get done. we cannot use the funds that would be, shall we say, designated under the community opportunity fund under the current language. we are also asking that community opportunity fund's been made available during the first year after the bond is passed, so that we can proceed with our plan. we want to cooperate with the city in terms of funding this. we are working on getting private funds to match. by the way, i want to say i am supporting the bond, whether we get a mention in it or not. it is very important that these bits of language that chan
>> good morning, everyone. thanks so much for getting up with us. hope you had a great day yesterday. a lot of tired people out there this morning. >> but you're watching us and that's good. i'm heather childers. thanks for watching "fox & friends first." >> the top five at 5:00. it is day six of darkness for at least one million people along the east coast. now, some of them aren't expected to get electricity back until sunday. now, to get a good perspective on the scope of these outages check out these before and after aerial images of washington, d.c. this was actually released by nasa. the photo significantly darker on the right following that deadly storm that killed 26 people. >> auto amazing pictures. an insider attack leaves five american soldiers injured outside a nato base in eastern afghanistan. a witness says afghan civilians were talking to the soldiers when a man in an afghan army uniform opened fire with a machine gun. >> iran delivering a disturbing threat to the united states as it holds a new round of war games. iran claiming that it can destroy nearby mi
. >> well, president obama is also talking this morning and he celebrated independence day with 24 u.s. service members as they became u.s. citizens. well, the president also using that ceremony to once again call for what he says is the need for immigration reform. listen to this. >> we remain a nation of laws and we have to remain a nation of immigrants. that's why as another step forward, we're lifting the shadow of deportation from serving -- from deserving young people who were brought to this country as children. that's why we still need a dream act to keep talented young people who want to contribute to our society and serve our country. it's why we need -- why america's success demands comprehensive immigration reform. >> and with the fourth of july holiday now over, it will be a quick return to the presidential campaign in just a few hours, president obama hitting the road as two of mitt romney's biggest supporters will be campaigning for him in the same exact areas that the president is targeting. molly henneberg is live for us in washington now with some more details. good
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with former u.s. secretary of state colin powell. the decorated four-star general has a new book that focuses on the lessons he learned along the way about life and leadership. the new book is called "it worked for me." will talk about the american wars abroad, the crisis in syria, and the 2012 presidential race, of course. we are glad you could join us. the conversation colin powell, coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we allit's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: it is an honor to welcome colin powell back to this program. the former secretary of state and decorated four-star general is a best-selling author, whose latest book is called "it worked for me." he joins us from washington. secretary colin powell, good to have you back. >> good to be here, tavis. tavis: and a s
developments right here on the record. make sure you let us know what you thought about tonight's health care special, keep it here on fox news canal. good night and happy 4th of july. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> bob: hello, everybody. happy independence day. i'm bob beckel. this is "the five." we're excited about today. we have taken the show outside to the sidewalks of new york city. i'm joined by my co-host, kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. we've got one of the finest barbecue experts in the country here to teach us how to make finger-licking good ribs and more. you just heard incredible military band, the hell cats from west point. we're so glad our troops can join to us celebrate america's 236 birthday today. this hour is going to be unlike any other you've seen on "the five." we have games, contests, and it's hot out here. so we a tank of water to cool one of us off. that's right. someone is going in the dunk tank that you see here. who is it going to be? well, we'll see. all right. i am going to walk over and tal
and give access for both of us to reach the school and doctors for our children. in our part of the world, women have been active since the beginning of the last century. a driving change, because they were not ashamed to care for others, and they were not afraid of giving without taking in return. in arabic we have a saying. women are very strong. when they say they will do something, they will do it, in spite of all the obstacles. if you think this is important in daily life, consider how important it is in negotiations. in issues of life and death, war and peace. we are remarkable communicators. we listen to people, consult, empathize, understand different points of view. that's why we can build relationships. when i see a boy walking to school, i pick him up in my car and give him a lift. it doesn't matter to me whose child this is. he is part of a community and i care about him. only with this mentality can negotiations be accepted by the people whose future they will affect. that's the key that's often missing. women make a difference. not just at the negotiating table but also afte
, if my arm is wounded and if my arm is diseased i don't cut off my arm. put us at the table and in three days there will be a difference, and that's something that we have a very hard time understanding and imagining. please, sir. >> thank you. i'm from bangladesh in the program. one of the changes that happened to me after coming to the school and started asking all kinds of difficult questions. so i seek your indulgence -- [ indiscernible ] the first time i heard it when you used it today after a long many years. this is the town all around so all of a sudden i came to see that town and hardly around us. so i would like to see why the evolution of this term, freedom fighter, how it's transformed and what made it in the freedom fighter and why she is a freedom fighter and yet taliban and hamas and palestine are not. and they stated very differently. how do you use a term like freedom fighter which is so positi positive. and then you talk about other groups as terrorists. >> yes. >> is that in short? >> my understanding issy call someone freedom fighter who is fighting for something or w
approaching baltimore. most of the activity has been south of us and to the west of us, but again we have a chance for some active weather this evening because it has been so hot and muggy. now tonight expecting partly cloudy conditions, still muggy with some isolated thunderstorms, some strong or severe, temperatures falling to the 70s. we'll talk more about the heat and bigger storms a little bit later. back to you. >>> life just is not getting easier for people who still don't have electricity. six days without power is really taking its toll. peggy fox is live in arlington now with more. peg? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, this neighborhood is lucky they just got their power back on. power crews from ontario left about 45 minutes ago and everybody around here had a big smile. let me tell you it's been a rough six days. a cluster of homes here on kenmore street in clarendon have had to do without. they've been using coolers and ice to keep a small amount of food cold. they've been shutting cartons during the day and opening windows at night. this woman was prepared with her batte
under scrutiny. a go is expthis summer. car the eel headline customers in in the u.s. are the lookinging op uchida joinsat are you hearing from people? >> we often hear about car china,ailand. now we're are betting their futu the ar industry has despite the japan's motors joinrces two years aet up now their have production.he plant churning out 12 per year. times their initialutives at mitsubishi use the market stf triggered aussian car sales. 1.5 mi about half of the year the sector signs of though.smen sold about 2.6 million investors around taking a wait attitude on wednesday were close independence day. ended ahead of policyuropean central ba bank of details of are tra morning here inre going to mellegard at prettyditions the u.s. on he stockstoday? >> in the u.s. focus was european lot oftocks which throughout the week the sector also resignationceo. nikkei topix are kic thursday, ju and both ind the nik9,000 at nikkei higher for two a row.ocus today autos. data fes for thes fis well as earnings for operator chain focus on as branch mana
with the revelry routine and they called us the hell cats that woke them from their slumber. >> bob: they had to get up and get everybody up? >> absolutely. >> bob: get dressed up like this? i couldn't make it in this group. when did state-of-the-art? >> when george washington established garrison of west point in 1778, he put a pfeiffer and drummer, just like we heard on the opening sequence of "yankee doodle" so since 1778 there were musicians at west point. >> bob: george washington did not sleep at my house. did he sleep at your house? >> not at my house. >> bob: this started with george washington. what is hell cats' mission today? your responsibility? >> to be with the corps of cadets, train them, educate them and inspire them so when they go in and they graduate from west point, they go out in the army as officers and have the way to inspire the troops and be great leaders of character. as they enter their career. >> bob: my co-hosts could they make it here? gutfeld? >> i don't know. >> bob: there is a certain -- >> i think he could. i think he could. i think he has the stature for it.
long listening through our budget woes. anybody who heard us discuss this budget, make no mistake, this is about priorities. this is about graduating students. everyone on this board folded -- everyone on this board voted for it. we have a commitment to our students to graduate every single one of them. meaning they are eligible to be qualified for college. it means they will not have to take four years of remedial english and math at city college. it means that they can hand in an application like everybody else that we have been graduating and be eligible for a uc or private college institution. this is what this budget is about today that we voted on. i think everyone here, you heard a lot of talk about equity. let's talk about what this is really about. this resolution, commissioned hr mendoza brings up a good point, we do not set a good policy, a sound policy, for individuals. because they did not comply with the requirements that this board set forward, we are again modifying it. we have modified it because these individuals did not comply with the requirements set forward b
the city. supervisor farrell: thank you. we have supervisor wiener here with us in committee. supervisor wiener: we are attempting to work out a possible amendment to address some concerns around the natural areas program. we are not quite ready yet with the possible language, so i would ask if the committee would be willing to take a recess until 2:00? supervisor farrell: i think we can do that -- should we do that? quite good -- should be due to a clock 15? supervisor wiener: >> welcome back, everyone to the june 14, 2012 of the government -- meeting of the government audits and oversight committee. we have items to an three. supervisor wiener: thank you. this is very exciting that the park spawned this year today. and number of this -- a number of us have been involved with formal wedding this bond. rec and park has billions of dollars worth of deferred capital maintenance. this bond will go along way in terms of renovating and replacing playgrounds, irrigation systems that are undermining our parks, fixing pools, and doing all the things that we need to have a vibrant and healthy com
be an additional cut for the school district. for us, that would be the equivalent of about five f urlough days. a significant cut if the budget does not pass in november writ it would hold our budget flat this year. we have had several cuts in place over the past school year. 4 furlough days and these would be maintained under the current scenario. as you can see at the bottom of the slide, the trigger cut would be -- it has gotten a little bit worse in the coming days. -- in the last few days. when we look at our budget, we have some positive signs from where we were in january. there is state transportation funding that came back in may, about $7 million. we recently sold one of our surplus properties and that is resulting in a reduction of debt service of about $875,000 annually. you mentioned the rainy day reserve, which we are clearly thankful for. that helped reduce the gap by about $27 million. on the other hand, we do have the midyear cut which could be coming our way. and we have a number of districts around the state that are in a negative or qualified financial position, meaning the
of july titian and illegal one check out the new crime-fighting bay area police at using to crack down on illegal fireworks with him when he says his seen prisoners there were in better shape than phil luggage filing for as a bears coasted to clean up its troubled school. plus why a lifeguard the fifth fear was fired for savory classics of the the day of hectic skies were lit up tonight that this was the pop the big finale of the fourth of philip morris are resemblances go ahead and commit new simultaneous blasts at the park in the bay does stop your opinion this is blares from the city but not everyone is celebrating believe. to head myerson writhed in agony from is that every year. so can police crackdown? elizabeth of the shows us how some compartment so i fighting with new technology. grandstanding is a view of the entire city of oakland's earlier today thereabout of your so people here to watch the fireworks show it's died down a little bit and all these fireworks may look professional their 100% illegal. they're being shot out on city streets and in people's backyards now police
in a way that we are going to use tiebreakers to make student assignments. they will be identified slightly differently than what we use for our k-12 assignments. if there are more applicants for a specific site, we will be using a tiebreaker process in hierarchical order. the first tiebreaker we will be using for students applying for a specific site will be students who are already enrolled in the pre-k program at these particular sites. if there is a student attending habbard in their pre-k program and are requesting t.k., that student will be placed in a tiebreaker and receive placement first. next, students who have a younger sibling who are already attending a pew -- a pre-k program at that site and they are requesting they place their older sibling in the transitional kindergarten at that site. the sibling tiebreaker will be applied for those students who have younger siblings. the third tiebreaker will be students who are living in our identified load test score areas, the same areas identified for r k-12 placement. there will be a random selection of all other students that has no
on the jobs picture shows some positives. >> a big warning for anybody who uses a computer. a virus that could hit next week . what a president believes matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing us jobs to low-wage countries. he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes inn insourcing. he fought to save the us auto industry and fors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. i'm barack obama, and i approved this message. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending move money with a slide and u use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ ♪ >> we are back with the race to the white house. health care reform is still taking center stage. >> the president is on a bus tour of ohio and central pennsylvania. mitt romney continues to be asked about health care. rebecca cooper is live with the latest. >> this is the week every year where the entire
rate of young men of color, or we could do something different. we chose to use problem solving, we chose to strengthen our relationships. we chose not to engage in racial profiling. we started a parole re-entry program, the first in california, in which we actually were contracted by the department of corrections to provide re-entry services. police officers now were part of treatments. we provide cognitive life squils, we provide drug awareness and treatment programs, and together we were able to reduce the recidivism rate from over 60% to under 20%. after five years, the murder rate in 2011 was 47% lower than it was in 2005. our incarceration rates have dropped and i'm very confident in saying we have better police and community relations. i think for me and my community, we recognize that racial profiling, that the focus on people of color, especially young men, are more likely to occur when law enforcement uses race to start guessing. i am here to reinforce that is a very ineffective policing practice. it is slopping, it is counting on guesswork. i think the notion that we as a
of their customers in europe and in the u.s. are caught up in the downturn. some are looking into emerging markets to find business opportunities. ai uchida joins us now. what are you hearing from people? >> we often hear about car makers going into china, india, thailand. now we're hearing car makers are betting their future also on russia. the country's car industry has been growing despite the european debt crisis. japan's mitsubishi motors join forces two years ago to set up a plant southwest of moscow. now their assembly lines have started full scale production. workers at the kaluga plant are churning out 125,000 vehicles per year. that's three times their initial output. executives at mitsubishi hopes to use the facility as a platform for the russian market. the global financial crisis stemming from the collapse of lehman brothers triggered a plunge in russian car sales in 2009. dealers only sold about 1.5 million cars, which is about half of what they did the year before. the sector has shown strong signs of recovery, though. salesmen sold about 2.6 million cars last year. >>> well, invest
of science. what does it tell us about our world? >>> all charged up. a ride on america's electric highway. what they are doing in oregon could change things for the whole nation down the road. >>> and a new home and new life for a national treasure. what may be the greatest battleship ever to hit the high seas. battleship ever to hit the high seas. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york. this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening, i'm kate snow in for brian tonight. on this fourth of july, america is celebrating with parades, cookouts and fireworks. but for many across the nation, this independence day is different. in some states that are tinder dry, there will be no fireworks. in parts of 10 states, today is all about sweating it out without air conditioning, without any electricity at all as crews spend the holiday working to get the power back on after deadly storms. we have it all covered tonight beginning with the extreme heat. nbc's john yang is in chicago. good evening
't thank you both enough for spending this time with us. the most important thing about tonight's event is all of you and everyone watching on c-span. what i hear you both saying is that it's up to us to continue to build a movement of very ordinary american who is can restructure the process and create a new culture and create a new space for innovation and make new demands and i feel very energized by the dialogue tonight and can't thank you both enough for being here. see everyone else at the next politics for the people. thank you so much. >> with congress on break this week, we are featuring some of american history tv's weekend programs in prime time on c-span 3. tonight join us as we take a look at women's history starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. congresswoman pat schroeder of colorado reflects on women in politics. at 9:00, remembering first lady pat nixon who travelled to over 75 countries during her time in the as an ambassador of good will. helen explores harvard's relationship with women 375 years ago. american history tv in prime time all week on c-span 3. and on c-span 2, wa
international school, a nonprofit corporation, for the use of the site located at 1155 page st., san francisco, california, for 20 years from september 1, 2012 to august 31, 2022, with an adoption for an extension through august 2032. the director is in the audience if you have any questions on this issue. i know you have had many discussions with me over the course of the month. with that, carlos is giving me that famous look. which is enough. >> there were no public comments. commissioners? vice president norton: i wanted to express my gratitude to the people from french american who sat through five hours of this meeting. if you are willing to that, you are going to take great care of the site and i am happy to support the least. -- the lease. commissioner fewer: we had a lot of community members coming out and they gave us a lot of feedback. i think it has pushed us to be better and to ask those kinds of questions. i want to cigarettes into the french american international school for addressing those issues. for being a very forthright and willing to hear some of the criticisms were conce
greenwald on how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful. we will talk about the obama administration's failure to prosecute wall to executives, the future of wikileaks, and the growing surveillance state. but first, amy goodman goes to spend more protesters are celebrating a major victory after the country's high court opened a criminal investigation into the former head of spain's biggest mortgage lender. a former imf chief rodrigo rato. we speak with organizers of the historic may 15 movement, the indignados. >> maybe, eventually, maybe one of these guys will pay. we have this impression that no one -- they do what they won. they still, like, nothing happens. today, maybe, something will happen. i'm very happy. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm juan gonzalez filling in for amy goodman. nato supply convoys have resumed in pakistan after the u.s. finally apologized for a deadly attack that occurred last year. pakistan had barred the nato trucks that carry supplies for the afghan war after u.s. f
help us come to a solution which also incorporates what i have come to believe is what i feel we need to do in that situation. so perhaps that will inspire you to maybe look at that book and think about how you can be more personally effective as you go about your day-to-day work. what i would like to do now is show a video that i brought which i'll narrate for you. it is, as i mentioned, my fourth space shuttle flight. part of the assembly of the international space station program and then it also at the end has current video of the international space station today. if we can go ahead and show that. so this was april 2002. our commander is sort of front right there. a graduate of the air force academy, mike bloomfield, colonel in the air force. seven of us going up on the space shuttle "atlantis." there were already three astronauts and cosmonauts onboard the space station so by the time we got there we were actually a crew of ten. i'm the flight engineer so i'm sort of in the middle in the back row supporting the commander and pilot during the dynamic phases of flight during launc
% of the continental u.s. that's the highest in at least 12 years. president obama set out today on a two-day campaign bus tour that will take him from ohio to western pennsylvania. two battleground states that will decide which way the election goesment we have two campaign 2012 reports tonight. first norah o'donnell with the president, norah? >> reporter: anthony, we're here in northern ohio which is part of america's rust belt, where the president is trying to make the case that it's his policies that have saved jobsment but you also get the sense that he's here in order to make sure that low voter enthusiasm doesn't cost him a second term. >> i'm betting you're not going to lose interest. i'm betting you're to the going to lose heart. >> reporter: traveling in a bulletproof bus nick named ground force one, the president is visiting the heavily populated communities of northern ohio. because these are all areas which voted democratic in 2008. and he will need that same strong voter turnout to win the state again. this is a region dependent on auto manufacturing. the president visited a nearby chrys
of porsche much earlier than expected. >>> okay. welcome to today's program. becky's with us today. >> i am. >> neither kelly nor i were here yesterday. >> i did three hours on my own. it was great fun. i did miss you. >> i am here now and kelly is down at the house of parliament reporting on what's going on. >> second day. i've been looking at the weather forecast. it's supposed to rain all morning. >> perfect. good. we're tucked up here. she's out there. we'll get to kelly later in the show. >>> we will go to singapore. bringing details of how the powerful sovereign wealth fund is shuffling its portfolio. >> we'll get analysis from a bond expert. that's come up in under 30 minutes and the results of the debt auction will be in an hour and a half. >> i'll be interesting to see what the ten-year is. we'll give you a taste of an interview with the chairman in dubai. >> plus, we'll be joined by a guest from houston who says without further qe from the feds, economy will be close to recession by fall due to the drag in europe. >>> we discussed the state of the commercial real estate market, th
in the years from 1958 to 1964. his transition from the u.s. senate to the presidency. up next, mr. caro's keynote address during a symposium aimed at revisiting the great society policies and politics of franklin d. roosevelt and lyndon b. johnson. this is about 50 minutes. >>> thank you. it is altogether appropriate that this conference be held at hunter college and at roosevelt house where we will convene tomorrow lyndon johnson served his president when this president was first elected to congress in 1946. lbj, a new dealer by background, and at heart, believed in fdr and his vision for america. in many ways, the seeds of lbj's great society were planted in the fields of fdr's new deal. as johnson often said to his aides during his administration, i really intend to finish franklin roosevelt's revolution. but lbj's passion for social justice came well before fdr landed in the white house. before the joint session of congress, lbj talked about an experience as a young man that might have been the most formative of his life. >> my first job after college was as a teacher in texas, and
are designed to set standards, to hold us accountable and to really set a clear message. i think that's what we're doing. >> before i turn to officer gale, i'd like to also note that this celebrated case, this notorious case involving trayvon martin, involved a person being accused who is not a law enforcement official, per se. he was an individual citizen as part of a neighborhood watch. 49 states now, my own state being the only exception, have concealed carry law which allows individuals under some circumstances to legally carry a firearm. in this case, i don't know if mr. zimmerman complied with florida law. that will come out, i'm sure, in terms of what it took to have a concealed weapon. but it certainly raises a question that wasn't before us as much ten years ago. we are not just talking about professionalizing law enforcement and holding them accountable. we are talking about a new group of americans who are being empowered to carry deadly weapons and to make decisions on the spot about the protection of their homes and communities which i think makes this a far more complex challenge
worse. we're checking more headlines coming up. stay with us. max! ( dog barking ) this is the plan that revolves around you. introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and a single pool of shareable data that powers up to 10 devices. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. . >>> making headlines, the train carrying coal derailed north of chicago n. all, 31 cars came off of the tracks. a bridge over a stretch of road collapsed in the process and it's not known whether the bridge collapse came first or not or if the derailment gave the bridge to give way. no one was injured and that train office way from wyoming to wisconsin. >> tensions are heating up between iran, and the key allies. the iranian media reported the country threatened to destroy u.s. base throughout the middle east and target israel if the jewish state were to attack. the threat came during a military drill, which included the firing of ballistic missiles. the u.s. and israel have been trying to stop iran's nuclear development. >>> crews battling wildfires across the west a
to the hospital with injuries of use. >> reporter: 16 year old a leah johnson remains missing. oakland police took the children's mother, stepfather and babysitter into custody when investigators found cubs year-old child with severe injuries from being abused. investigators say i-after- invested their said after seeing news reports a family member contacted authorities in turn three of the four missing children over the police. but their 16 year- old sister is still missing. here at children's hospital there 3 year-old brother remained in critical condition. >> james: and look back with more headlines in just a minute ticket quick look outside to take a brief break and be back with more in a moment. the golden gate bridges in the background. >> james: president barak obama the partly to the bus tour of ohio. >> james: his 250 mi. betting on america bus tour is taking him through several northern ohio communities when he receives strong support back in 2008. it will also taken to pennsylvania with a stop in pittsburgh. yesterday he talked immigration and naturalization ceremony in washington he we
there are just little minimal delays. you are you able to use so lowered duck. we're trying to cut confirm whether those lane closures are still in effect. who will stick a look. so far traffic is nice and light. who will go to our maps, we do have problems that are out by texan. both directions are shut down. more affirmation on that coming up in a bid. >>> oakland headquarters and a police car were gentle eyes last night. a group of octave is gathered down to known. there were marching just after 8:00. police are expected to reveal more after this morning. end some fireworks were legal, allot one notch. >>> obviously we respond to the gunshots more quickly than we do for a fireworks call. but we were also getting a lot of fireworks calls in one area and found many illegal fireworks >>> and the biggest fire work show in san diego went bust. these technical issue caused all the fireworks to launch all at once. it lasted 15 seconds. local police are investigating a possible hit and run. officers tells us it happened about 930 last night. police are still sorting out the details. the legisla
providing for the needs of the students. please support this petition. thank you. >> to us, this is the opportunity to get the best education. them will enjoy a safe place, and have teachers committed to teaching all the students with enthusiasm. mccaul has turned into a great student with the desire to put her best efforts forward, and the best of all is she really enjoys her school, her teachers, and classmates. she has received attention, understanding, and respect. all her teachers care about her as a person. they encouraged her to continue to learn. she has warned us of the importance of getting ready for college. before she came here, nicole was never enthusiastic about doing her homework. we used to have to sit next to her to get it done she does it herself -- to get it done. on june 14, she has finished her a summer reading. she loves to read now. she is surrounded by classmates who are doing the same thing to a encourage each other. the school has created a community where they encourage each other to love learning. before we knew about the possibility of kipp high
-time operators. we will continue to use them. second to last, i've wanted to acknowledge and welcome our new director of capital programs, vince harris/ vince has a long and distinguished career. he was lured away six or so years ago and we had the good fortune to lure him back. >> [inaudible] >> he comes with requiring no learning curve. we gave him about five minutes of high demand. -- honeymoon. he brings an understanding of capital programs and product delivery, but he had a couple of different stance on the capital funding and planning side. that is really great value to us, having run the equivalent of rta or mtc. he brings that funding and planning expertise to the agency. that is important to the delivery of capital projects. we're very glad to have him aboard. i do not know if you wanted to come up and say a few words. >> welcome back, mr. harris. >> thank you, chairman. it is a great opportunity to be here. it is an honor and privilege to be back and the capacity, kind of a rare opportunity to get to come back home. i think the director and the sport for this opportunity. -- and th
is essential. the data we have already tells us that there's a problem. let's collect more data, and let's put in place some more remedies. your point about the supreme court and the equal protection clause, giving sufficient comfort to those who have been wronged by the police, that's simply not truth. the supreme court case lastbly in the case of wren which i can cite for you, basically allows police officers to make a pretextural stop based on race, ethnicity and national origin. it is the law of the land according to our supreme court. at times our supreme court gets it wrong, which is why which exhort this congress and this senate to step in and to enact a law when we know that there is a problem that has yet not come to the attention of our supreme court. so with all that i thank you. >> thank you. my time is up. i want to thank all of the witnesses. this has been a very, very important and useful hearing, and we have some areas of disagreement which i think we need to explore further, but i want to thank, particularly mr. gale and chief davis, for your excellent work over the years in l
th or 15th would be preferable for us. either of those dates. >> what date is our regularly scheduled august meeting? chairperson hur: i believe it is the 27. -- 27th. >> it looks like that week from the 14th through the 17th is -- the last two weeks of august, i know are not very good for us. chairperson hur: i am sorry, mr. kopp. you said? >> i believe that week is ok. the rest of august is problematic. chairperson hur: ok, let us schedule it then. are you talking about daytime availability? one thing i am thinking is, if we can do it during the day, we do it during the day, so we make sure we get it done. >> we will do it during the day, if need be. chairperson hur: ok. >> during the day, i do have a couple of hearings. i have to look and see exactly what dates i have hearings in august, if it is during the day. >> i have a charger if it is an iphone. >> it is a phone i have had problems with, so i think it will take forever. thank you, though. chairperson hur: do the parties have any unavailability, where absolutely things cannot be moved? >> no. chairperson hur: if you can hold t
the driver being chased opened fire on officers and you can see the result behind us. traffic extremely slow. no one we understand was hit by gunfire but the source says the shooter tossed his gun into the bay after the shooting. this all started around 1:30 this morning. the car crashed and that's when shots were fired. the driver was injured and taken into custody. now, san francisco police out here we're told they are assisting in this investigation. the crime scene technicians have been called in. and we understand it could be 10:30 until all the lanes are reopened here because of this crime scene investigation. send it over to sal and he can give us alternate routes. >> reporter: i can tell you traffic now on city streets is slow. it's also slow on the skyway. >> want to go to a picture now on the scene 1st near harrison street. maybe some people don't know about this. i don't know why anyone would voluntarily drive into this traffic but it's very slow. if you have to go, you might want to use the san mateo bridge instead. we've checked out the driver and using that bridge. i want to br
gasp. not good for retailers trying to wow them into stores and not good for a u.s. the president prying to renew a lease on a certain home. ted weisberg connecting the hits and misses. >> i think you've hit the nail on the head. it seems like we're walking in a saucepan and that sound we hear is -- seems to be the air coming out of the economy. everything is simply going flat. now, this is not a good week to make judgment, it's a short, holiday week. but you can't argue with the numbers and the numbers are pretty anemic. >> everyone calls it a short week. all right it's been the longest week of my life. i don't know why. let me get your sense about what the numbers generally say. you followed them closely and over the years have seen us going from a couple of pieces on information on jobs to more than a dozen of such figures today. same with retail and individual department store sales. collectively will you getting a sense be that we're just slowing down ongoing in reverse? could web we be going into other recession. >> my prism is through the eyes of the investors that we see.
of state condoleezza rice and cardinal timothy dollan all join us tonight. we can't back down from this fight because it's about religious freedom. it's close to the very heart. >> we have the best wrapped into one right now. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us us tonight. special edition of the factor. top story, florida senator marco rubio widely considered to be vice presidential option. we asked the senator about that as well as many many other things. >> everywhere you go, people ask you about the vice president deal: i asked you a few months ago when we had you on about that should i continue to ask you? is it getting boring now? >> bill: convention they have got to have something to get people toen watch. >> that's h why he deserves for us to be respectful of that process. so journalists like you are going to ask. e of us -- >> bill: not going to stonewall. let me give you two things that two guys have said but on this program. you know charles krauthammer? >> yeah. >> bi
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